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Aluminum Bronze Alloys

Aluminum Bronze alloys are a family of copper-based alloys that incorporate iron and nickel in their chemical composition but rely on aluminum as the primary alloying element. Aluminum significantly enhances the strength to the point where it is similar to medium-carbon steel. The additional advantage is that aluminum bronze also possesses excellent corrosion resistance. It is this strength and corrosion resistance that led to the early use of aluminum bronze.


Small adjustments in metallurgy cause significant changes in performance. This recognition of other properties has led to the use of Aluminum Bronzes for a variety of parts that require strength, hardness, wear and galling resistance, low magnetic permeability, resistance to cavitation, erosion, softening, and oxidation at elevated temperatures. These properties, along with ease of weldability, have greatly expanded the fields of application for Aluminum Bronze.


There are two main groups in the Aluminum Bronze family. Aluminum Bronze contains approximately 9-14% aluminum and 4% iron, while Nickel Aluminum Bronze contains approximately 9-11% aluminum, 4% iron, and 5% nickel. The addition of nickel in the latter further enhances the corrosion resistance of a material that is already strong in this area.

Common Aluminum Bronze alloys and some typical applications:

C95200 is a highly ductile material with good corrosion resistance. This is ideal for bushings, bearings, gears for light-duty service, wear plates, low-pressure piping, pump columns, and containers.


C95400 offers high yield and tensile strength, extraordinary toughness, and exceptional resistance to wear, fatigue, and deformation. This versatile alloy is widely used in chemical, marine, aerospace, and machinery industries, as well as gears, bushings, bearings, pumps, and valves.


BM 954 is one of the strongest non-ferrous alloys. It serves the same industries as C95400, with higher strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance, although it has slightly lower impact strength.


As a special nickel aluminum bronze, C95800 is particularly suitable for marine applications with excellent resistance to seawater corrosion. This may include parts of the propeller system, bushings, bearings, piping, including desalination, and other corrosive marine applications.


C95900 offers higher hardness and compressive strength and is used for wear plates, forming rolls, drawing dies, gears, valve guides, seats, and die inserts.


BM 340 or BM 380 are extremely hard and superior materials, often used for forming, stretching, and bending stainless steel.

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