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Copper Chromium Zirconium Alloys



Pure copper (minimum 99.90%) is well established as the best commercial electrical conductor; over 50% of produced copper is used for electrical applications.


However, it has low hardness and moderate strength, and a range of copper alloys has been developed with enhanced mechanical properties for special applications. It should be noted that there is a decrease in electrical conductivity with increased strength; therefore, a compromise between high electrical conductivity and high strength must be made when selecting an alloy for a particular application.


One of the copper alloys produced with improved mechanical properties is copper-chromium-zirconium (CW106C). The alloy composition typically consists of 0.8% chromium, 0.06 to 0.08% zirconium and the balance of Copper (C18150).


Typical applications that require the combination of properties offered by this alloy, BM1815 or C18150 - high electrical and thermal conductivity with improved strength compared to pure copper - include:


  • Resistance welding shafts

  • Welding electrodes

  • Welding electrode holders

  • Seam welding wheels

  • Frame components

  • Circuit breaker parts

  • Rotating electrical machinery

  • Lead frames

  • Trolley wire for high-speed railways

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