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Aluminum Zinc Bronze Alloys


These alloys are suitable for bearings because their final composition includes hard eutectic particles of zinc-aluminum-copper incorporated into a softer zinc-aluminum matrix. The hard particles provide a low-friction bearing surface, while the softer material wears away to create space for lubricant flow.


Metal alloys, BM 863 or C86300, are materials with metallic properties that contain two or more chemical elements, at least one of which is metal. Despite the wide variety of metals available, most are not used in their pure state but in alloys with altered properties compared to the original material, aiming, among other things, to reduce production costs.


The automotive, aerospace, naval, military and civil construction industries are the main consumers of metal on a large scale.


The electronics and communications sectors are also significant, as their metal consumption, although quantitatively smaller, is of crucial importance to the contemporary economy. There are alloys made solely of metals and others formed by metals and semimetals (boron, silicon, arsenic, antimony) and metals and non-metals (carbon, phosphorus).


It is interesting to note that alloys possess properties different from those of the elements they originate from. Some of these properties include changes in melting point, increased hardness, and enhanced mechanical strength.

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