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Copper Chromium Nickel Silicon Alloys


The Copper chromium nickel silicon alloy, BM 180, possesses unique characteristics that make it highly sought after in certain processes.


This type of material exhibits high resistance to wear and corrosion.


The production of high-quality castings based on nickel alloys is challenging.


The relative fluidity of a nickel-chromium-iron alloy, compared to that of a low-alloy steel, and the improvement that can be achieved by increasing the silicon content.


A relatively high amount of silicon (around 3%) needs to be added to achieve a significant improvement in fluidity.


The alloys and standards related to this material include BM 180, CY-40, ASTM A494, NFA 32-060, C18000, DIN 17730, and ISO 12725.


  • Pistons for metal injection processes.

  • Molds and inserts for plastic injection processes.

  • Electrodes for projection welding processes.

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