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In 1980, as Brazil ventured towards new technologies, a new era led by automation was emerging, computers were expanding worldwide, and production processes were being perfected, Bronze Metal was founded. Our goal was to meet the needs of national industries, which were becoming increasingly complex and rigorous.


Certain that it would be possible to minimize mechanical and human wear and tear through the development of new materials in the production line, we embarked on a mission to source high-quality and technologically advanced products from around the world. Our aim was to cater to an increasingly demanding market and prevent metal wastage by utilizing materials with exceptional durability and extended lifespan.


We continuously modernize our infrastructure, machinery, and expand our supplier base, constantly seeking new technologies in the international market for the production of continuous cast, extruded, forged, centrifuged, and rolled materials.


The state-of-the-art technology used in the manufacturing of these products allows the identification of the alloy being produced through a small sample, providing hardness and conductivity results even before its finalization. In other words, we can monitor and complete the manufacturing process according to established standards, with the necessary assurance to guarantee the quality we have committed to since our foundation.


With over four decades of dedicated work, we remain committed to our objective of upholding the Bronze Metal quality in every piece we produce and in every solution we provide to our clients. We maintain stock of round bars, rectangular bars, and bushes with lengths up to 3,600 mm, as well as forged plates and machined parts to fulfill contractual obligations. All the represented companies hold ISO certification and offer high-quality products. Today, we collaborate with top global suppliers from the United States and Europe, ensuring the best materials for our customers.

Bronze Metal Indústria e Comércio Ltda - Rua Canto e Melo, 59 - Bairro: Santo Amaro - São Paulo - SP - Brasil - CEP: 04756-100

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